My Wool Picker!

My husband finally got the wool picker built! Let's rewind a little bit. When we bought our rabbits back in March I noticed that the guy who was selling them also had an ad out for some 55 gallon bins of wool. I asked him about it, bought the rabbits, and told him I was... Continue Reading →


Garden Progress & More

I checked inside the hoop house this afternoon abs our peas are waist high! I was worried about them for a bit because they haven't bloomed yet, and I planted them way back in March, but upon some research it's not unheard of in zone 5. So I have been patiently waiting. Today we have... Continue Reading →

The hands of a farmer

My hands have been SO dry! They are splitting, which means I have a strangely large quantity of super glue at my house. The splits are filled with soil from pulling weeds and planting, and I don't wear gloves to do that. I probably should buy some. I also have Blu kote in the cracks... Continue Reading →

Planting season!

This morning was a bit crazy, after our regular morning chores, and getting the kids to school, we got home and started getting the house ready for our cub scout den meeting this afternoon. We are meeting together with the Webelos to pass off the cyber chip badge. As I was helping my mother in... Continue Reading →

Welcome to our crazy world!

I don't know how you found us, but I'm sure glad you're here! Welcome to our online home, so to speak, and the representation of our little homestead. I'm hoping to have a little tour of the layout of our homestead up soon, but for now I'm just going to share what I have! That's... Continue Reading →

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