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I’m Sheena, a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor’s degree. I was born and raised in Utah, moved to the city for a few years, and finally got to move back to my cute little hometown. I grew up farming with my Great-grandfather, a great depression and WWII survivor. Having a homestead seems like the natural thing for me, even if it did take me until I was over 30 to realize it!




My husband is Scott, son to two of the most amazing people I have ever met and father to our 2 children. He is a military man, graduate of the Police Academy in Utah, and a lover of the outdoors. We have spent years of hunting, fishing, and just being goofballs together. He is literally my best friend. We have been together since 2002, and even with the rough ups and downs we are incredibly blessed.



We moved to his childhood home in 2011 after my father-in-law lost his battle with cancer. The home and the land (just under 1 acre) were bought by his parents before Scott was even born! It’s in a great location, and has been slowly growing into a respectable homestead. My mother-in-law lives with us due to her health, and has been such a blessing and wealth of knowledge as we embark on this crazy journey of being homesteaders!


The man front and center is where we get our homestead name. Bruce (my father-in-law) served in the US Army for 2 years, US Air Force for 4 years, and served in Law Enforcement for 40 years. He was given the nickname of “Straight Arrow” because he didn’t smoke, drink alcohol or coffee, and always did what was right – even when it was hard. He was a hard working man, who did everything necessary to provide his family with what they needed. He purchased the land and home where our homestead is back in 1978, and moved his family here. They raised 7 kids here, and tried to teach them the value of self-sufficiency. When Bruce passed away in 2011 he left some mighty big shoes to fill, and Scott was just the man for the job. We left our jobs and our plans behind, and moved back ‘home’ a month after he passed. Our biggest goal is to do the things that he would be proud of, and to teach our children the values that he held so dear.

We both work full time jobs, homesteading right now is our passion and hobby – but someday it will be more! As such, it grows slowly and steadily. We just do  the work as we have the time and money to do it.

This blog is to share our experiences, knowledge, processes, failures, changes and to help us keep track of everything! Follow us on this adventure if you’d like, we would love to have you tag along! You can also check out our social media pages.


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