Fall-ing in love

The end of the growing season is upon us here at Straight Arrow Homestead, and I am really surprised at our harvest! It makes me fall in love with the idea of being self sufficient all over again! 

We didn’t get much from the garden, unfortunately. In Utah we are in a drought, and in my part of the state we have run out of water for irritating every year for about 4 years. I was just glad to have the few ears of corn and what we got in the greenhouse. We definitely count ourselves lucky! Honestly, the greenhouse saved a lot of water. So we put the plants that need the most in there. The tomatoes and peppers grew really well, and we got a decent yield. 

Fall also gives us a great opportunity to reflect and plan. Since this is our first year, we learned a lot from mistakes and miscalculations. But it seems like we have a system figured out now, and we have big plans for next year! 

On the agenda right now is the following :

  • Build a new greenhouse. The one we have doesn’t hold up well enough for our rocky mountain winter weather. We are planning a wooden frame so we can give the roof enough pitch, to help the snow melt so we don’t have issues with it collapsing again. 
  • Build a root cellar. We gotta figure out where to put it so we have winter storage for all the apples and potatoes. 
  • Build a smokehouse. This is critical, since we plan to raise our meat and hunt. We need a place to cure them, and that seems like a simple, but ongoing solution. 
  • Build raised beds and hügel-mounds. We built a mini one this year and I’ve been really happy with the results. We mostly need these for water conservation. 
  • Start working on a pole barn. This is going to take a LOT of time, the parts are expensive. And while my husband and I both work, we don’t make a lot of extra money. But if we start now, and build a little art a time it shouldn’t be too bad. 
  • Expand and fix the chicken run. 
  • Repair the rabbit hutch. 
  • Mulch the perennials and trees 

I’m sure there is more I’m forgetting, but that’s the list for now. 

Here are some images of the projects from earlier this month – 

Spreading sand to even out the ground and building a place to park our 4 wheelers and trailers. 

Miss Molly and Smeagle eating the apples the deer have knocked off the trees. 

That wraps it up for now. We are heading out after deer, hoping for the meat to help feed us through the next year. 


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