How to save a life? And crow’s eggs

Yesterday was an interesting day, starting with morning chores which went as usual. Got everyone fresh water, food and miles Molly –  who stepped in the milk bucket 3 times… True to form. It seemed like an ordinary day, and I headed off to my day job.

A little after lunch, my boss came into the office and told me that there was a lamb stuck in the tar underneath our asphalt plant. Let me explain. At my day job I’m the office manager of our local gravel pit, where we also manufacture asphalt for the local cities and businesses. We generally have a local farmer who will leave his sheep on the property where the pit is located, this helps them by providing feed and us by providing us access to Greenbelt tax rates. This year he brought the sheep up a little bit later than normal, but they have been there for about a month. This poor little lamb had wandered under the asphalt plant and laid on the warm tar that had heated up in the morning sun. We are working on getting our asphalt plant running to supply product in the next week. When my boss went outside to work on it, he saw the poor little lamb lying on its side half submerged in the hot tar. He was barely making a sound, but struggling to get up. We knew that he was okay and would survive, if we could only get him out. He came to the office and told me about the poor little lamb, and immediately we walked out to the asphalt plant to try to save the little guy. We ended up being able to pull him out of the tar, and free him so that he could return to his flock. However, it did mean me ruining my favorite pants. Luckily I was wearing an old pair of pants and my boots and a hoodie that I didn’t really care too much about.


They are covered in tar as you can see in the photo. He hopped up after we pulled him from the tar and ran off to join his mother down the hill from where the  plant was. It makes me happy knowing that he at least has a chance at survival, where he wouldn’t have if we had just left him In the end, it was all worth it to save that little guy. The farmer told me thanks and that was good enough for me.

Today was also a day of adventure at my day job, climbing half way up the lime silo to spook the crows nesting on the side of it. When I got to the best I saw that there were eggs inside of it! I haven’t ever seen crows eggs before, and if you haven’t either then here is a cool photo.



3 thoughts on “How to save a life? And crow’s eggs

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  1. Oh, I love that you saved the lamb ❤ And that's the first time I've seen crow's eggs. Had no idea they were blue and speckled! I also read your most recent post about how you came to be a homesteader, and I love your story. So now I'm a new follower to your site 🙂 My husband and I dream of one day moving to a farm and being able to live off of the land. Someday, I hope 🙂


  2. Aww thank you so much for your kind comment! Thanks for following, I hope you enjoy our future posts!
    Good luck of the dream, and don’t give up. It’s a lot of work, but it’s absolutely worth it. 🙂


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