The hands of a farmer


My hands have been SO dry! They are splitting, which means I have a strangely large quantity of super glue at my house. The splits are filled with soil from pulling weeds and planting, and I don’t wear gloves to do that. I probably should buy some.

I also have Blu kote in the cracks of my hands (you can’t see it in this picture) because we put it on the chickens yesterday. They started molting and got mites around the same time, and then they started pecking each other. Now their poor little chicken bums are hate and sad. I read yesterday that putting Blu kote on them will discourage the pecking, because it’s so dark they came see blood or skin, so we thought we might as well try it. That lead to using a very large fishing meet to catch them, spreading their little bums, and putting them inside the coop until we had them all done. It’s much easier to catch the ones that aren’t sprayed when you don’t have to fight the ones that are.

It’s pretty rainy here today, and supposed to be pretty cloudy for the weekend, it’s a perfect time to finish planting the garden.


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