Growth is a term we use to describe so many things on the homestead. We use it for crops, land size, livestock, and to describe where our personal journey takes us. We have had growth in a number of areas over these past months!  To start, we planted the garden and had pretty decent success... Continue Reading →


A reason to be thankful 

At the beginning of the month I stepped onto a busted piece of concrete in a business parking lot, and twisted me ankle. It bent far enough I was standing on the tiny bone that sticks out to the side of your ankle and  made a loud pop. I thought I broke it for sure,... Continue Reading →

Fall-ing in love

The end of the growing season is upon us here at Straight Arrow Homestead, and I am really surprised at our harvest! It makes me fall in love with the idea of being self sufficient all over again!  We didn't get much from the garden, unfortunately. In Utah we are in a drought, and in... Continue Reading →

Liquid Gold

I really, truly believe honey could be currency. It's such an amazing thing, and fascinating. It takes time, just the right resources, and my wonderful little friends - the bees.  We harvested 2 frames from our large super this weekend, it was quite the process, simple but time consuming. The bees weren't very happy, but... Continue Reading →

Playing catch-up

I don't want to start apologizing for a lack of posting already, so I won't.   Many, many things have happened - which is why I haven't been able to post. The first being that I received a job offer that I wanted, and was able to leave the job that stressed me out and... Continue Reading →

Stress is Bad for Your Soul

Stress is my biggest downfall. On the farm, at my job, and in my personal life. I am a worrier, and I always have been. I can honestly tell you that having a farm has been hard on all of us, there is so much work that goes into it. And planning. And work. But... Continue Reading →

How it all Began

I'm sure that if nobody has wondered why we started homesteading yet, someone will in the future. Plus it will serve as a reminder to myself why we started this journey. First and Foremost, the name "Straight Arrow" might seem strange or at least pique some interest. The property where we have established our homestead... Continue Reading →

How to save a life? And crow’s eggs

Yesterday was an interesting day, starting with morning chores which went as usual. Got everyone fresh water, food and miles Molly -  who stepped in the milk bucket 3 times... True to form. It seemed like an ordinary day, and I headed off to my day job. A little after lunch, my boss came into... Continue Reading →

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